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The membership of Mahwah’s ambulance squads are made up of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Drivers. Both EMTs and Drivers receive training for their particular roles. All are trained in CPR, which includes use of a Semi-Automatic External Defibrillator. 

EMTs are trained to treat and transport sick and injured people. Training includes a number of Basic Life Support (BLS) skills, such as; treating for shock, splinting and bandaging, immobilization, patient assessment, and child birth.

Both squads have Junior Members (minimum 16 years of age). Junior Members are encouraged to obtain their EMT certifications. They are restricted from riding after 10 PM and are constantly supervised by senior squad members. Many Junior Members are able to satisfy High School community service requirements by maintaining a membership with the squad.

EMT’s and Drivers have their choice to train at two different EMS academies, located in Paramus or Mahwah. Daytime and evening classes are offered during the fall, winter and summer semesters. Both squads rely on the academies for continuing education, as well as conducting their own in-house training and drills. Training is often done with members of the Township’s Fire Department and Rescue Squad.

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